He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake.

We're hoping these EXTRA CREEPY Santas aren't watching us AT ALL!

Here are 18 of the CREEPIEST Santas to ever live!

1.  Vintage Santa might not be human! Look at the GRIP he's got on little Susan!

attachment-typorama 4

2. Either Santa had too much to drink on Christmas Eve, or someone clocked him. My guess is... BOTH!

attachment-typorama 5

\College Accuse GIF

3. This has to be one of the worst ones... THE MAKEUP! And why is the child in green so calm?! This Santa must be able to SMELL FEAR!

attachment-typorama 3

4. Another child... TOO CALM! Is this a mask?! I take it back... THIS might be the worst one yet!

attachment-typorama 6

5. Another very normal Santa... WAIT A MINUTE!!! WHERE ARE HIS EYES?!

attachment-typorama 8

6. It's customary to sit on Santa's lap... BUT NOT THIS ONE! I wouldn't turn my back to him either! Plus the makeup! Is that a rabid raccoon dressed up as Santa?!

attachment-typorama 9


Will Ferrell Elf GIF by filmeditor


7. Look at the fear in the eyes of these kids! That is NOT Santa! Santa doesn't wear a hood!

attachment-typorama 10

8. No. Just no! I don't do "Faceless, side-eye Santa! NOPE!

attachment-typorama 11

TV gif. Neil Patrick Harris as Barney in How I Met Your Mother yells at someone across the bar with an intensely concerned expression, mouthing the words below him, "I don't like this!"

9. Another faceless Santa! I'm not even positive this is human! This could easily be a pile of laundry with a fake beard laying on it!

attachment-typorama 12


10. Santa looks PISSED... But LOOK AT HIS HANDS! These hands alone will give me nightmares!

attachment-typorama 13

11.  This looks like the photo you'd see at the Post Office with the title "FAKE SANTA KIDNAPS 2 CHILDREN!"

attachment-typorama 14

Video gif. Black dog lies on the floor looking up over its shoulder with cartoonish wide eyes that move around as the camera zooms.


12. This Santa looks like he just did AN ENTIRE BRICK OF COCAINE IN THE BACKWOODS before taking this photo!

attachment-typorama 15

13. Someone call 911 please! I don't know what it is, but I feel like this is illegal!

attachment-typorama 16

14. NOPE! NOPE! I don't do "Mummy-Faceless-Eyes-Peering-Through Santa Claus! WHY ARE THE KIDS SO CALM?! RUN KIDS!!!

attachment-typorama 17

Scared Chris Farley GIF

15. Is this... Pope Santa? Why does he have a staff? I don't like Homemade-Suit Santa.

attachment-typorama 19

16. NO! NO WAY! This was a hobo they found in a park! THIS WAS NOT SANTA!

attachment-typorama 20

17. FINALLY! A nice, and SEXY Santa Claus... Wait! That's me! You're welcome, ladies!

attachment-typorama 21

Photos courtesy of: CreepySantaPhotos.com

Gifs courtesty of: Giphy.com

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