If you could choose only two things to keep in your kitchen (appliance wise) what would those two things be?

In this game, a sink is an appliance. At first I thought maybe I would keep the stove and fridge because I could just run to the bathroom or out the front door for water. But then I did some cooking and realized how many times I washed my hands or washed the knife and chopping block off.

So, I think I have changed my mind and I would choose the sink and the fridge. I would then choose to cook a lot less and I would just do all of my prep in my kitchen and then take it outside to cook it on a grill or in the pit. It would be like a BBQ all the time, even in the dead of winter. Oh man, not having a dish washer would rough though.

Maybe I would come up with some extraordinary recipes. Isn't that what would happen when they just kept adding to the pot on the fire pit that was never cleaned out? Get enough garlic and onion in there and it would be mostly sanitary.

Cat Country 107.3 & 94.9  listeners when asked this question said are the 2 things they would definitely keep in their kitchen.

Check out some of the responses:


Some may have not understood the assignment.....;)


I love how Amberlina declared herself the winner. hahah


What do some people keep in their kitchen? Do you brush your teeth in your kitchen? Spit bath before dinner?


We started getting sneaky. I know its a warming drawer but that bottom drawer in the stove holds pans at my house.

The Winning Items- The most responses were for fridge and stove. But some close runners up were a crock pot and a coffee maker. I'm still voting for the kitchen sink.

If you have a better combo, let me know! aaronee@townsquaremedia.com

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