Not being able to breathe is one of the worst things! 

Of all the parts of sickness, not breathing is the most frustrating to me. You can't sleep. So then getting better takes WAY longer. So what can you do?

Here are the top 3 things you can do to help you breathe.

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#1 Nasal Strips & Vapor Rub 

This combo will knock out mild nasal blockage. It works great and feels good. Read all the directions and take care of yourself before bed. If you can do it again for a nap, even better!

And if you can find one of the vapor smelly stick things, they are wonderful! ♥

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I would check the dollar store for the smelly sticks because I have found them there and I bought like 10 at once hahahah. They are THAT great.

Get a great one here -


#2 Essential Oil Diffuser

Sebastian Gorczowski
Sebastian Gorczowski

Don't knock it till you try it. They aren't that pricy and you can keep that eucalyptus smell going all night long. There are plenty of oils you can choose from to help you feel better. *Bonus* You can use it year round for health and mood help.

Check this one out. It comes with a bunch of essential oils too!

#3 Neti Pot

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Just do it! I am telling you, it changed my sick life. It's like a small tea pot that you put some nasal salt in and tip into one side of your nose and you let it drain out the other nostril. I know it sounds horrible but I am telling you, if you can't breathe, this will be a game changer. *Bonus* you can also use it in allergy season to get rid of that hay fever.

You can get an inexpensive, plastic one for travel like this-

Get some nasal salt. This is my favorite.

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