Traditions of any sort are amazing. Christmas traditions just plain RULE!

Here are 5 Christmas traditions you can start right now and remember forever.

#1 Read Christmas Books Together  


This is a tradition that my kids started reminding me to do earlier every year. They love it. When they were little we bought a new Christmas book every other year and now we just re-read them together and they will actually sit quietly on the couch or lay on the floor and just listen. It is such a cute memory and tradition.


#2 Making Homemade Ornaments 


 This can be oh so easy and very cheap. One year I grabbed $5 worth of stuff at the dollar store and all 5 of us made ornaments with stuff left over. You can grab colored construction paper, glitter glue, stickers, ribbon, string and anything to make those things shine. It is a fun craft that even older kids like to do after you tell them they have to spend time with the family. hahaha Just have plenty of snacks, great Christmas music playing and plenty of options to allow the creativity to flow. And don't forget to sign and date the ornaments.


#3 Christmas Movies Together 


And make sure you set the mood with a smelly candle, some hot coco and snuggly blankets. 


This one gets a little harder when they all want to watch their own favorite movie and you are running out of nights that you all have together, but it is always worth it. This is also they way you well round your kids by teaching them about the classics.

#4 Inexpensive Nativity Sets 

attachment-1000001159 (1)

This particular nativity was only $5 on a sale. We collect them now as a family and everyone is always looking out for them while they shop for Christmas. It is fun to see the different perspectives and different ideas on what a nativity is.  

#5 Making Christmas Cookies

chocolate chip coconut cookies dough, selective focus

I am not a baker and sometimes I grab the premade dough at the store. That's FINE. It's the time you spend together that matters. If you don't have time to make dough or you don't like to, grab some premade dough with Christmas decorations already in it and you are good to go. We make cookies together and eat them while talking and sometimes we make enough to deliver to neighbors. Simple, inexpensive and fun.


If you don't drive around and look at the Christmas lights together, now is the time to start! If you don't know where any are, ask your neighbors where the best ones are and head out for an hour or so. (Maps below) Memories made together are worth it. Enjoy your Christmas!

House Decorated with Christmas Lights
Nicole S. Young

Here are some great maps Courtesy of Hedgehog Electric & Solar

attachment-Image (6)

You can download the STG Map from the Hedgehog Electric & Solar site here: attachment-STG 2022Christmas-Map-V3-2022

attachment-Image (7)

You can download the Cedar City Map from the Hedgehog Electric & Solar site here: attachment-Cedar-City-Christmas-Light-Spectacular-2022

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