It was announced this week that the Los Angeles to St. George flight will be returning September 26th. Flying out of St. George is so convenient! It's absolutely more expensive, and for that reason I don't think it's worth it, but the convenience is so nice! Currently, you can fly to Salt Lake City, Denver, Los Angeles and Phoenix from St. George.

Here are the TOP LOCATIONS we need to add to the St. George Airport:

Las Vegas:

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I'm sure this will never happen, but this would be SO CONVENIENT! Instead of a 2-hour drive, it would be about a 35 minute flight, but more conveniently, it would be used used for a connection flight FROM Las Vegas. So, if you're flying to Hawaii, you can book right out of St. George first!

Santa Ana:

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This one is actually my #1! The Santa Ana Airport is the closest airport to Disneyland. We know that here in Utah, we are full of Disney fans! That would be a flight that I would absolutely take, instead of that 6 hour drive into Southern California! In just over an hour, we'd be touching down just outside of Disneyland!


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I knew we needed a Texas location on the list. It was rumored years ago that Dallas was going to be a destination out of St. George, but Houston might make more sense! Houston is a massive city, a massive airport, and it's close to Galveston - A huge port for cruises into the Caribbean.


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Chicago is such an awesome city, I've been a few times, and it could be a nice flight into Chicago. It would be the furthest East location that we would have out of St. George.

Now, these destinations would only be cool if it was affordable as well. The St. George Shuttle into Vegas is around $40. But I would absolutely do that flight if it was around $50 or $60. But it's WAY TOO EXPENSIVE to fly into Salt Lake, as is. We need to fix that.



It's the Country Music capital and it's becoming a little mini Las Vegas! I'm a little biased in writing this because my son lives in Nashville, and it would be SO NICE to have a flight direct to Nashville from St. George! Provo flies direct to Nashville with Allegiant Airlines. PLEASE... Bring a Nashville to St. George flight!

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