Here in Southern Utah we now have 8 schools, and that's NOT counting Enterprise!

  • Canyon View
  • Cedar
  • Crimson Cliffs
  • Dixie
  • Desert Hills
  • Hurricane
  • Pine View
  • Snow Canyon

But WHO has the best Color Scheme going on? Let's break it down and vote!

1. Canyon View High School:

attachment-CV Colors

To be completely honest... Green is my least favorite color, so they already have that against them... But all-in-all, I think these colors are a little boring. 4/10.

2. Cedar High:

attachment-cedar colors

These colors are TOUGH! This is a great color scheme. The burgundy and gold bounce off eachother so well! 8/10.

3. Crimson Cliffs:

attachment-Crimson cliffs colors

Very AMERICANA... But is it too gimmicky? I really like the colors together, especially when you tone them down a bit like this. It's not BRIGHT RED, and BRIGHT BLUE. Very solid, but maybe a little overdone. 7/10.

4. Desert Hills:

attachment-dh colors

I'm biased because I went to Desert Hills, and voted on these colors when I was 15. However, BLACK AND GOLD IS TOUGH, and also classy! Plus, that little splash of purple... I LOVE! I wish they would do more with the purple, and maybe they will in the future! 9/10.

5. Dixie:

attachment-dixie colors

Dixie is just old and trustworthy. Very simple. Blue and white. BUT, it wasn't ALWAYS that way... in the late 80's, yellow/gold was also a part of the color scheme, but they've dropped it along the years. They've also transitioned back and forth from a navy blue, to a bright royal blue. Solid colors, straight to the point... Maybe a tad boring though. 6/10.

6. Hurricane:

attachment-hurricane colors

Again, another old but trustworthy scheme here. Red, Black, White. It's pretty boring, like Dixie's... But ANYTIME you watch a movie with a high school game being played, there's ALWAYS a team in Hurricane colors. 6/10.

7. Pine View:

attachment-pv colors

Once again... I'm biased here. I used to go to Pine View before Desert Hills was built in 2008. I really love Pine View's colors! Unfortunately, the more I see Pine View, the more I see them leaving the Maroon behind. It's like they're trying to go Black and Silver only and I'm NOT down with that. Maroon is the driving force to this scheme! 8/10.

8. Snow Canyon:

attachment-snow canyon colors

You know what I like about these colors? Snow Canyon took a shot! They tried here. Unfortunately though... I really don't like the color green! But it looks good if Navy and Gold are their primary colors, then throw in a touch of green. 7/10.

What do you think? Tell me which color schemes you think are the best!


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