We have one on every corner in southern Utah. Car washes. We love our cars clean and we live in a dusty, windy desert. So... just like dentists and soda shops, we have A LOT of carwashes. I am a sucker for supporting local so I actually have a monthly pass for Tagg-n-Go Car Wash. Now, at many of the car wash locations you must do a tight turn to get on the track for the car wash. The first time I drove with my 15 yr old permitted driver to the car wash, she panicked and froze.

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She saw 2 cute boys working the scrub brushes and knew she wasn't on the track. She just sat there. I laughed so hard. I've never witnessed someone freeze quite like that. I was dying it was so funny. The cute boys were trying to tell her which way to turn her wheel to get her on the track but there was no sign of life in her eyes at that moment. I had to reach over to help her.

I do not blame her. It causes regular anxiety for many people to try and get their wheels on the track. Oh yes, I know there will be some big, tough man telling me how easy it is IF you are a good driver. I've heard it all. You are hilarious and in no way rude or condescending. And I am not snarky.

I am a good driver. It is tricky to line up on that track, especially if you are short and driving an SUV where you cannot see the front of your own vehicle. When we are young and we are learning spatial awareness, we collect bruises on our bodies. So I'm not sure how to learn such awareness with a vehicle. Sounds dangerous.

Last week I went to a Tagg-n-Go that I rarely drive by and I stopped to get a wash. It's the one on 1506 S River Rd in St. George, UT.  I really needed a wash because my car was violated by some bird.


That's how my day started. Looks good huh? Anyway I was so stocked when I drove up to the car wash. This is what I saw...


Cones!!!! A wonderful line of cones to follow into the carwash. It was really surprising how happy this made me. I started taking pictures to send my husband and show my daughter. I'm sure it was the highlight of their day.


I am too short to see those cones out of the windshield. That is why I can't see the track. It is so hard. These amazing cones made all the difference. I made it on the track without sliding my tire along the track until the entire car is slid into place. That's a WIN folks.


I would like to personally thank Tagg-n-Go for making my day and kindly ask if we can have cones at all of the locations. And if that is too big of an ask, then can we please start with all of the southern Utah locations? Sincerely, one of your happy customers.  ❤

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