I remember Cedar City as the place I spent my days at Southern Utah University.  I have fond memories of hanging out in Juniper Hall, watching movies on the VCR and lying to myself that watching Late Night shows until 1am won't hurt my grades.

Today, Juniper Hall is no more.  VCRs are things that my kids only see in a museum, and I STILL tell myself that staying up late watching TV won't have any negative effects on my work.

I consider Cedar City to be a home for me, and whenever I have the chance to visit, I take it.  But something strange has been happening lately.

The Gas Station where I got nachos and cheese for breakfast(sorry mom) is no longer standing.  The Graywhale CD exchange where I stood in the cold so I could be the first one to buy the latest R.E.M. album, is also gone.

But enough about Cedar City stays familiar so that it still feels like coming home.  And even though the movie theater I saw TITANIC at 3 times is gone, my memories...and my heart...will go on.  (see what I did there?)

So come with me on a journey through time to see what has changed in Cedar City over the last decade.  And along the way if you think there's something I missed, let me know in the comments!

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