Last week, I talked about my SHOCK and SURPRISE that Del Taco had actual good food! I couldn't believe it! Their Del Taco - Taco is AMAZING! Way more meat, and way more cheese than Taco Bell.

But then... Out of nowhere I was BOMBARDED with messages about how amazing their CHEESEBURGER is! What?! A cheeseburger from a taco place? No thank you! There's no way it can be good. But message after message after message poured in.

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Amy Amanda Hunter said "They have the best burgers!"

Tracy Myers said: "Their burgers are pretty good!"

Miranda Roe said: Del Tacos burgers though? 100% better than every other fast food, except maybe In N Out..."

Liz Holm said: "Well I will blow your mind. I think their Double Del Cheeseburger is the the best cheeseburger in town."

Morgan Harris Peterson said "My grandparents LOVED the cheeseburgers there!... They really are amazing!"

Enough was enough... I had to try.

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I pulled up to Del Taco on Sunset BLVD around 10pm, and was ready to try this burger. I ordered It... Double Del Cheeseburger without lettuce and tomato. The total was $5.49, which was already cheaper than I expected!

I took it home and gave it a try... INSTANT SHOCK! AGAIN! This burger... WOW! It had chopped onions and their secret sauce... Which was some kind of Fry Sauce with something else... Whatever it was: GREAT! The burger was soft (which sounds weird to say... but it was perfect) It wasn't chewy. I didn't feel like it was a mouthful, or that it was too much. It was perfect. It didn't taste like a fast food cheeseburger. It reminded me of a burger you'd get at maybe a little league game. I COULD TASTE THE LOVE THIS THING WAS MADE WITH!

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If you haven't tried the Double Del Cheeseburger... GET ON IT! It really is ONE OF THE best fast food cheeseburgers out there!

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