This week, some information came to us about Utah from Slotsource that says Utah is one of THE hardest places for singles to find love. With the Christmas season on the horizon, some singles kick the search into a higher gear.  Dating apps weren’t around back in my single days but it’s surprising how divided people are on their opinion of their value. Now comes word that geography might be something you have to factor in.  

You might be surprised to learn that Washington DC is one of the BEST places to find love in America with the highest percentage of single households. Montana, North Dakota and Vermont are near the top too.  

Happy hunting for a mate here:

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From Slotsource

At least here in Utah, you won’t go broke trying. They said the average cost of a date in Utah is $98 where New York is $297 and even New Jersey is $259.  

If you’re going door to door looking for single people, you’ll have a tough time in Utah according to the survey. Only 19.4% of our households are single while most states are around 30% and Washington DC is WAY out in the lead at 46% single households. Look at Utah finishing 43rd of the 50 states.  

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From Slotource


I spent so much time in my single years going to bars where I also spent way too much money and stood around like a stump not talking to anyone. So whatever you do, don’t try that method. By some miracle, I was introduced to the girl who became my wife by someone a bar. That never happens. A friend from high school knew her and pointed me out as the guy from one of the local radio stations. To which she said, “Oh big deal”. Somehow asking her to go to dinner got her to give me a chance. Let your friends and family introduce you to people. Volunteer, go to sporting events, take a class. Do almost anything else and you’ll find someone who catches your eye that you might want to spend time with.  


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