Man the rain and snow just keep coming down and a lot of people are sick of it because it causes some winter blues. I Love having 4 seasons. I like the snow, and even I am struggling a bit. It might be lack of sleep too.


We know we have been living in a drought and we need the moisture, it's just hard to deal with what feels like and endless winter with a lot of darker days. I scoured the internet and tried a few things that really has helped me conquer the Southern Utah Winter Blues.

Here are the top 5 things that worked!

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5. Take Care Of Your Skin

Switch up your skin care routine. Make sure you really slather up your elbows, knees and the heels of your feet. Also focus on any dry patches on you face and neck. You will feel taken care of. Get a lotion or cream that smells great and lasts. Winter is also a good time to change up your facial lotion. It really helps to brighten up dull skin.

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4. Sit & Veg-out

Winter IS the time to sit and meditate more. So, don't beat yourself up about it. Plan to do a lot more relaxing and just focus on things that can still make you feel like you done something. When your wash is going, sit and read a book. When your soup is simmering, watch a nostalgic movie. When you are home alone, take a hot bath. Listen, we don't get to hibernate, so do all of the inside things you love, guilt free.

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3. Get Sun & Exercise

I know I've lost a lot of you here. hahah You don't have to do a lot to reap some benefits. Start slow and you will start to feel better. We live in an area where we can drive just a little way down the freeway to get some sun if we need to. Southern Utah is full of beautiful hikes and plenty of beauty to see. Make it a goal to get outside as often as possible. At least 4 days per week. It can just be a 10 minute walk with sun on your face if that is all you can do. Sun and clean fresh air can do wonders for your mental state.

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2. Get A New Candle

Find a new sent that you love and splurge. This one did a lot more for me than I thought it would. The smell you will lift your mood and watching it burn and flicker is mesmerizing and helps you meditate and wind down.

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1. Do A Relaxing Nightly Ritual

Not getting good sleep can make the winter blues horrific. For some reason I have skipped a nighttime routine and I think I am getting poor sleep because of it. Experts suggest that you plan a bedtime ritual that you look forward to. Something that make you feel calm and taken care of. I found it hard to get the kids to bed and get to bed on time so I only do 1/2 hour. I have to be pretty strict on my time with the kids to get it done, but it has helped soooooo much. I change my clothes and start some nighttime tea. Then I light a candle and wash my face. I turn on a heating pad and read for a bit. I put my phone charger in my closet so I don't stay on it and reduce stress. I make sure my alarm is set and I am off to sleep.

Hopefully these things can help you make it through the winter blues too. ♥

If you have found anything that has worked for you please let me know! Email me:

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