I'm a dad now, and I cry A LOT MORE! Here are some of the BEST PARENTS that I totally thought were awful before I was a Dad!

Marlin, Finding Nemo: 

My guy REFUSED to quit searching for his son when the odds were stacked against him. He had NO IDEA how or where to find Nemo but he never gave up. When he finally has his boy back, I have to LITERALLY FIGHT to not tear up. That's a dad right there.

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Miranda Hillard, Mrs. Doubtfire:

As a kid, I thought she was SUCH A BUZZKILL! She busted into the birthday party and shut it down QUICK! She freaked out over a little party, and she was the worst for it. But now that I'm grown... MY GIRL WAS 100% RIGHT! GUYS! HE BROUGHT A PONY IN THE HOUSE!!! THAT'S NOT OKAY! Plus... When she freaks out that her EX-HUSBAND has been dressing up and parading around as their nanny for months... Yeah, totally justified!

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Daniel Hillard, Mrs. Doubtfire:

Imagine not being able to see your kids or be around them. I would ALSO parade myself around in disguise to be able to be around my kids! Doesn't seem legal... But, I get it!robin williams hello GIF

Baby's Dad, Dirty Dancing:

Baby's dad was taking care of his UNDERAGE daughter, and protecting her from Johnny. Johnny literally looked 40, and DIRTY DANCED with all the girls. Plus! He was sneaking around with Baby! OOOOOHHHH, When he says "Nobody puts baby in a corner" that's when he would've received a left hook from me if I was Baby's dad!

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John Quincy Archibald, John Q.:

John Archibald, aka John Q. was a dad whose son was in the ICU fighting for his life, needing a heart transplant. They sold EVERYTHING they could to have the money to get their son on the transplant list before finally going into the hospital and holding everyone in the ER hostage until they put his son on the transplant list. When he hits everyone with "I AM NOT... GUNNA BURY... MY SON!!!" Chills... Everytime. I totally see and understand him now that I'm a dad. There's also a scene where he is ready to commit suicide to give his heart to his son to save his life. Again, Chills, and I feel choked up writing this.

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