If you say these words, you're DEFINITELY from Southern Utah!

Blue Hairs: People who are old. They probably have white hair, which they would probably use a blue shampoo to make it bright.

"We waited for an hour at Chuck-A-Rama! All the Blue Hairs invaded!"

Utah Road Block: When a group of Blue Hairs are in EACH LANE going the same speed, and you can't pass!

"Sorry I'm late! I was stuck behind a Utah Road Block!"

Sauseege: A type of breakfast meat. You can also mix it in with your spaghetti sauce.

"Make sure you pick up some Sauseege at Harmon's for supper tonight."

Hunnert: The number after 99 and before 101.

"Don't tell the Bishop, but I made a couple hunnert in Mesquite last weekend!"

Mowntnn: Those big rocky things covered in snow. MOUNTAIN.

"Look at all the snow on the Mowntnn!"

Warshington: This one is BIG TIME with the old timers. The city to the EAST of St. George.

"We'll meet up at Nisson's in Warshington at 7."

Sanna Clara:  The city to the WEST of St. George.

"Let's go to Frei's in Sanna Clara tomorrow!"

Toosdee: The day after family night.

"I can't hang out Toosdee, I have Young Womens!"

Ignert: When you don't have the knowledge or awareness to what someone else is going through.

"You're Ignert, Dale!"

Awnry: When you're just in a terrible mood.

"My grandpa's horse, Geppetto was so awnry today!"

Mannase: A condiment used to create the BEST condiment. Fry Sauce.

"Hey Daryl, pass me the Mannase! I'm makin' Fry Sauce!"

Dill: When you save a ton of money on a product at Costcos.

"You should've seen the dill I got on the Mannase at Costcos today! 3 for $10!"

Jockeybox: The place you keep napkins in your car.

"Open up the Jockeybox! Hand me that map!"

Derf: When you and someone else's bodies are on eachother, while kissin'.

"I Derf'd Linda last night. She said we need to talk to the Bishop about it."

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