It's HOT! We're in a heat wave baby! People are getting heat exhaustion, people are getting sick, and some people are even dying. This heat is NO JOKE! You can't stay inside ALL DAY, right? Here are the best ways to stay cool in Southern Utah during this nasty heat wave.

St. George City Pool:

The city pool is ALWAYS a blast. It only sucks getting older because you climb to the top of the Hydrotube, and wait for a 14 year old kid to give you approval to go down the slide. It just feels weird waiting for him to nod for you. Then when you get inside the Hydrotube, there's always a kid that stopped himself in the middle of the tube and scares the HELL out of you. Look out for that kid.

Sand Hollow Aquatic Center:

I LOVED this pool when I was a kid. Tons of field trips happened at Sand Hollow Pool. They also have a pretty dope slide, and an awesome whirlpool. This one feels pretty weird if you go alone though. Also... Look out for the EXTREMELY confident naked old man in the locker room. He's walking around, letting EVERYTHING hang out, and I'm uncomfy every time.

St. George Townsquare Splash Pad:

Usually it's a bunch of little kids at the Splash Pad downtown... Well, screw that! It's hot! When can we normalize Splash Pads for grown adults?! That's what I'm looking for! I drive by and I'm jealous of those little kids every single time!

Dive into the water at the Fiesta Fun Bumper Boats:

The bumper boats at Fiesta Fun are always a good time... But will it keep me cool enough? NOPE! Dive right in! If those 16 year old employees can drag me out of that pool, then I'll get out and never come back. But I don't see that happening. That water is probably pretty warm too!

Run Through The Sprinklers At ANY St. George Golf Course:

Every night right before it gets dark, the sprinklers go on at the golf courses. I'm sure you're not allowed to run through the sprinklers, but I'm gunna wear my running shoes! Nobody is going to catch me!

While You're At It... Dive into those dirty ponds at the Golf Courses: 

Screw it. Most the courses have ponds here. They're gnarly and probably full of goose poop, but whatever. It's hot! This could be fun. Who's in with me?!

Washington City Pool:

Obviously, the Washington City Community Center has a fun pool. It's totally indoors, and even has a slide. That place will help keep you warm! Let's do it!



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