You fugitive from the law! How dare you. It is totally illegal to throw this away in Utah and it's not easy to stop doing it. 

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What is it?

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Elena Gurova

Batteries.....You can't tell me that the Washington Country Landfill isn't completely FULL of AA or AAA batteries. (But that isn't the only thing on the list. I have a list! See below.)

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Every device, wall clock, video game controller and smoke detector in my home eats batteries. You know what would be a GREAT baby shower gift? Stock in batteries and band aids! It would be like paying yourself every time you fill your cart with them.

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The list of things it is illegal to throw away is growing continually. In fact you are probably a felon many times over by now.

Get out your scorecards ladies and gentlemen, I bet you have totally thrown at least two of these items away recently. Why do we keep creating things that are illegal to dispose of?

Here's the list

1. Asbestos...

If I'm supposed to get it out of my house because it's killing me, where am I supposed to put it?

2. Motor oil

Ya, they have specific days that they take oil 1-2 times per year. You know where it goes the rest of the time? I read that people burn it or just dump it themselves. Yuck.

3.Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Dangerous when broken, so be CAREFUL and get them out of your house! Where do you take them? Sometimes there are collection boxes at the landfill.

4. Paint

Any leftover pain from a project cannot be donated to the DI. It also cannot go to the landfill. So people just put it in their garbage can and hope they don't get caught.


Make a swing or decorative planter because these cost you big bucks to dispose of.

6. Electronics

Many of these have heavy metals so they should not be thrown away. So you are to look up companies that will recycle them. But it is costly, so the list is everchanging.

7. Prescription Drugs

This one is scary. Some reports say that 4 in 10 people see no problem throwing out their old prescriptions in the city garbage cans. Call the Iron or Washington County Sheriffs Office to see where to dispose of them.

8. Lawn Chemicals

So wait. They are safe for my lawn but not for the landfill? Something seems fishy here.

9. Moth Balls

These bad boys are actually listed as a pesticide and cannot be thrown out in the regular trash. So again, we can use them IN OUR HOMES but they are too dangerous to mix in with our trash?

Make sure you check with all local restrictions before you throw your garbage away all willy nilly.

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