With several snowstorms pounding southern Utah in the past few weeks, It has made travel difficult. And that got some people thinking.......


What if it's the end of the world? What if there is no food shipments coming to southern Utah anymore? What if what we have right now is all we are gonna get? No more toilet paper or salt. Things could get real scary real quick.

Desiree Johnson
Desiree Johnson
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Are we prepared for survival? What if a major oil tanker crashes, explodes and takes out the freeway? Do you have the necessities at home ready to hunker down for awhile?


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As a southern Utah community, we tend to be a little more prepared for disasters than the average US household. Whether it is because of the guidance of the predominate religion in the area or because we just collect people that love to prep, it is estimated that our area could last a couple of weeks without deliveries to our local grocery stores. That is phenomenal!  That doesn't mean it will be in any way comfortable or that panic and frenzy won't set in, but still good none the less.

Thinking about apocalyptic disasters can be scary.  If you are prepared then these type of thoughts don't mortify you....completely. You can start right now. Just start with some dried food and some water and you will start to feel better.

Are you ready for massive power outages and not being able to use the freeway?

You can be! Here is a list of the top 15 items you should have in your doomsday home survival kit.

15 MUST-HAVE Items To Get For Your Food Storage

Affordable must haves for your food storage/emergency preparedness kits

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