Something akin to a wild goose chase occurred on Saturday, November 18 when a suspect attempted to steal multiple vehicles, causing the police to start a pursuit.

It all started when the suspect attempted to carjack to a vehicle in St. George with little to no results to show for it.

The suspect proceeded to give another attempt, of which they were able to successfully steal a Black Dodge Dually.

The St. George Police Department, Star 8 helicopter, Mohave County officers, and deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office gave chase to the suspect near the Arizona strip.

Officers deployed spike traps to halt the progress of the suspect’s vehicle which caused the Dodge Dually to lose one of its tires on the right side.

The suspect proceeded to exit the vehicle and attempted to steal a side-by-side, albeit unsuccessfully, before getting back into the Dodge Dually to continue evading authorities.

As the pursuit continued, both back tires of the suspect’s vehicle went flat along with the missing tire on the front right side, meaning the suspect only had one fully functional tire.

After the truck completely broke down, the suspect was able to successfully steal a black UTV and crashed through a fence to evade police.

The UTV eventually broke down, after which the suspect finally gave up on continuing the chase and was arrested by Mohave County officers since the chase moved into Arizona territory.

The suspect now currently resides at the Purgatory Correctional Facility near Hurricane to await further judgement from the law.

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