The Washington City Police Department responded to reports of gunshots around 2 a.m. on June 30 at an apartment complex by 20 N. Red Trail.

This incident ended with a man being discovered in an apartment with gunshot wounds and was unfortunately declared dead after being transported to St. George Regional Hospital following attempts to save his life.

Public Information Officer Greg Lovell with the WCPD released a statement summarizing what’s known of the crime so far including the suspect arrested in the same apartment complex.

Lovell said, “On 6/30/2024, shortly before 2:00 AM, Washington City Police were informed of a shots fired incident at 20 North Red Trail in Washington City by the consolidated dispatch center. Washington City Police Officers arrived on the scene and entered the apartment through the front door. Upon entry into the apartment, a male was found on the floor with gunshot wounds. Officers on the scene attempted life-saving efforts on the victim until medical arrived and took over. The victim was transported to St. George Regional Hospital, where he was later declared deceased.”

Lovell then went on to detail where they found the suspect accused of the shooting, and that it was a juvenile.

Lovell said, “The suspect was seen leaving the scene on security cameras at the apartment complex. Officers identified the suspect as a male juvenile living in the same complex, and he was taken into custody shortly before 7:00 AM.”

The authorities haven’t released the victim's identity at the time of writing, and the case is still being investigated. Due to the suspect’s status as a minor, it’s doubtful his identity will be released without consent from the relevant parties. We’ll continue to provide updates as the police continue with their investigation.

We here at KDXU would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of the victim during this tragic situation. Stay safe out there.

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