Utah is currently suffering from several wildfires across the state, ranging in size, but all dangerous. Three fires in particular are affecting Southern Utah as air quality worsens and temperatures rise across the region. 

Silver King Fire 

The Silver King Fire was reported on July 5 after a lightning strike caused the inferno in Piute County. 

As of this morning, Utah Fire Info lists the fire at about 11,000 acres at 0% containment. Our news partners at ABC4 Utah spoke with some of the personnel fighting the Silver King Fire, detailing how exhausting it’s been for fire workers. 

Marysvale Fire Chief Jon Christensen said, “This has been a hard fire, and the winds have terrible today and it really blew up, so it’s been difficult for my crew. They’ve been working for three days straight without any sleep without anything, so pretty tired.” 

Deer Springs Fire 

The Deer Springs Fire in Kane County is a case of a wildfire growing dangerously fast despite being reported just two days ago.  

The fire was reported on Sunday afternoon at 1,200 acres in size, but in the 48 hours since then, it’s grown to over 11,000 acres. 

While the cause hasn’t been officially determined by fire officials, they do believe the Deer Springs Fire to be human caused.  

Utah Fire Info reported how fire fighters are working to keep the blaze away from the community based in the area. 

Little Twist Fire 

Still being a pain in the rear for over 300 fire workers in Beaver County is the Little Twist Fire that started as a prescribed burn on June 8. 

The fire has since grown to about 5,000 acres, but fire fighters are making steady progress as Utah Fire Info lists the Little Twist Fire at 45% containment.  

Hopefully this fire will finally die down after a month of burning, as there are plenty of other fires to be taken care of across the state. 


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