St. George is home to warm weather, good looking moms, and okay looking moms. There's one thing they all have in common: wanting to get their little wiener kids out of the house to get ice cream.

Instagrammer @stgeorge_kids does a great job giving ideas on how to accomplish that.

Here's 7 places that they posted about:

7. Paletas Gourmet Creamsicles

I've never been but am wanting to go now.

6. Kbar Rolled Ice Cream

I'm kind of a purist. Not sure if the rolled ice cream is for people who still listen to Matchbox 20.

5. Edible Cookie Dough 

This is from Mary's Mountain Cookies. I love cookie dough. Sometimes they leave the egg out for safety which I think is a mistake. I'd rather get bird flu once a decade but enjoy the real thing.

4. Ice Cream Nachos at Snelgrove Ice Cream

I guess the waffle cone acts as the chips in this equation. Interesting...

3. Bingsu at Snowy Desert Cafe

This is almost like a shredded ice treat. I need to go to this place because it's right by Popeye's and I can put my order in at Popeye's and then set up my camp in the parking lot, eat some Bingsu, and wait for my tenders.

2. Spilled Milk

"Cereal infused ice cream". I like cereal maybe I can give this a go? Will it hurt my molars?

1. Slice Creme at Mary's Cheesecake

This sounds like a match made in heaven. Cheesecake that has ice cream involved. I like it.

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