More license plate talk, baby!

Now let's be clear, these new throwback black Utah license plates are all the rage right now and they're obviously legal. This article is about the novelty "Don't Tread on Me" Utah license plates seen below:


And here's a bigger version of the in yellow plate:


These plates are very popular but can get the driver in some pretty big trouble.

Evidently, people are registering their vehicle with a valid license plate number and then getting a custom "Don't Tread" plate made with the same number which is a "crime."

Per an article in The Daily Universe

"Here’s the problem: Officer Troy Cook from the Provo Police Department said that putting an online custom plate on your vehicle could be as serious as a third degree felony.

“'The issue with the back license plates, and really any other type of license plate accessory,” said Cook, “is that, a lot of the time, they’re in violation of the law.”'

Officer Cook explained that license plates in Utah are issued by the state and DMV and are governed by strict laws. These laws include the size, color, reflectiveness and even the font of a license plate."

Third degree felony?? Dude, that's treading...

Reddit user u/wasatchworms said that he's against even impounding a vehicle for not having registered plates:

"I'm not cool with the government having the ability to seize more than it already does. If a car is unregistered and it gets impounded, it can literally never be registered because you can't get an inspection done on an impounded car.

Not to mention that it's usually the people that have the least that try to stretch things like this out until their next payday. Impounding their car could make them lose their job and having other unintended consequences that can make it impossible for someone to get out of poverty."

What do you think?

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