I like Utah Valley University.

They put on an awesome 4A State Baseball Tournament last week.

The field is beautiful (all-turf!)

The staff was super helpful.

The concessions were great.



I got a parking ticket.


I have three problems with this:

The cost

UVU is fining me $160 dollars for parking on the grass next to their parking lot.

attachment-IMG_9099 2

$160 dollars!

That's more than a DWI.

I take total responsibility for breaking the parking law, but this is excessive.

What am I supposed to get a second job?


I was expecting a $25-$50 dollar fine.

I understand they need NIL money to keep Toolsons from leaving the basketball team, but let's not take it out on the humble radio guy who is just there to help cover a little high school baseball.

So, do I need to pay this ticket? Is getting a ticket from a university the same as getting one from the city police? Is it binding in court? Will I get a warrant if I don't pay? Are any of you lawyers?


The space

UVU was hosting the 4A baseball world for four days. Shouldn't there be enough spaces for people to park?

I feel like the baseball tournament parkers should have taken priority over the flag dancing competition.

The parking patrol

I just want to say to all of you kids who just graduated high school and are going to college next fall: ref intramurals, get a job handing out towels at the student union pool, work at the registrars office!

Don't sellout your fellow students by becoming a parking ticket administrator.

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