High school used to be about rectangular pizza and jamming a mechanical pencil into your forearm like you were administering the Polio vaccine. Kids said things like "So is your old man!" and "Call me collect when you need a ride home except instead of saying your name at the beep, just say 'come pick me up' at the beep and then I'll deny the collect call and won't have to pay, but I'll know to come and pick you up."

But now, high school is about prestige and test scores and building a résumé impressive enough that you might be able to go to [insert name of college your mom's siblings will be impressed by].

Utah has many great schools public schools. I think Skyline is considered one of the best up north. But the most expensive private school in the state is Wasatch Academy, in Mount Pleasant.

According to education.alot.com, Wasatch Academy costs $71,000 per year.

"Wasatch Academy knows that the world is more connected than ever and wants its students to be prepared to work in a global environment by including diversity and inclusivity in their studies. They challenge their students to be innovators, take ownership of their actions, and understand the value of community." (Full Article)

That's a pretty expensive tuition. You could go to a lot of Big Ten schools for that tuition. I know Wasatch Academy has one of the best basketball teams in the country but it sounds like the have world class academics as well.

Good luck out there kids. Get going on your middle school worksheets so maybe one day you can be a Wasatch Academy...Tiger. Tigers? That's they're mascot? They should have used some of that tuition money to hire a creative team.

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