There are those that say basically: "a number three combo at Dairy Queen with gravy is better than time with family."

And then there are others that say: "I eat the sushi that has a big strip of raw fish on it, not just California rolls."

And it's that latter group that this article is for.

Yes, we've talked about the most expensive restaurants in Utah, but let's talk about how many of them are Michelin rated.

The answer is ZERO.

Now that doesn't mean that Utah doesn't have top restaurants, it means it hasn't worked hard enough to court Michelin stars.

Apparently you have to really market your restaurant and basically suck up to the inspectors and beg them to come and look at your restaurant. It's like that scene in Ratatouille.

There's only so many inspectors in the world and they're busy. But Utah should work harder to get some of them out here in my opinion.

According to

"When it comes to Utah, I’ll refrain from naming names, because frankly, that wouldn’t be fair. But yes, if you look at the best of what Utah can plate – there’s plenty to admire. Talented kitchens working with great products, I can name plenty. Creative chefs executing classics or providing canny twists, double-check. I’ve lost count of the swoon-worthy platings that have been shoved under my nose. Consistency? I don’t have the deep-pocketed backing of Michelin to tackle that one.

Now the major question for you dear reader, one I’ll pose to you as a zen koan, “If a Michelin quality dish is served in Utah, and an inspector isn’t there to taste it, does it still exist?”' (Full article)

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