Halloween was invented back in the 1970's when kids were "guising" house to house trying to secure little cans of beef jerky the ones that look like chewing tobacco. And kids dressed in homemade ghoul outfits and in cotton stuffed pumpkin suits. And the young women dressed as "sexy cats" and would show up late to Kirk's party and get upset that he was talking too much to Jayne Mansfield (not the real Jayne Mansfield).

If any of this actually happened, IC: Andy Thompson
If any of this actually happened, IC: Andy Thompson

And when it came to Halloween planning there were those who were like "basically, don't coordinate too much, because Halloween is about variety: from the candy in the bowl, to having Richard Nixon and Julius Caesar and Geppetto arrive at the same doorstep at the same time."

And then there were some moms who went another way and would send messages on their phones that said "stroke of genius...Barbie themed Halloween, b******!"

And apparently something like this happened in Daybreak, UT.

This Barbie themed street was spotlighted by The Washington Post:

"This Halloween, forget the pumpkins, fake blood and cackling wicked witches. Say adios to skeletons — that is, unless they are zipping down a hot-pink slide into a neighborhood fully decked out in celebration of Barbie.

That’s the scene in Daybreak, a residential area in South Jordan, Utah — some 25 miles south of Salt Lake City — that got absolutely Barbie-fied for spooky season.

Walking across the neighborhood of some 40,000 residents is like entering the Barbie Land that director Greta Gerwig concocted for her billion-dollar box office hit this summer. It’s aglow with strings of LED lights that shine bright pink and facades plastered in rosy pastels. It’s decorated with neon signs and disco balls, a giant fake horse and a graveyard for both the patriarchy and Sugar Daddy Ken." (Link to Full Article)

What are your thoughts?

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