Robot Road Repair 

Cracks and potholes are constantly appearing on Utah roads due to weather and constant use from vehicles. Maintaining them is a job that never ends. Now there is a robot invented in England that uses AI to help fix the blacktop. 

It is a robotic car that uses AI to make its way around the streets. There are sensors and cameras that identify cracks and potholes in ton surface of the road. It prioritizes the worst problems and sends this information back to the office.

The technology was developed Robotiz3d and is being sold to communities in the United States. It could solve the pothole problem once and for all. 

Moisture Widen the Cracks and Potholes 

When water finds its way into the asphalt, it expands and makes the problem worse. One version of this robot allows it to not only find cracks in the road, but fill them with tar to keep moisture from getting in.

Catching the problem early will keep larger potholes from developing. This amazing machine could run around day and night maintaining a city's roads. Without water taking such a big toll, the need for constant road repair would decrease.

It May Be Just the Beginning 

This technology is moving fast. Perhaps in the near future robot construction machines could resurface roads in real time. How great would it be to not see those orange cones blocking lanes every summer? 

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