Pro Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls are Coming to St. George 

The Rocky Mountain Professional Rodeo Association is coming to the Dixie Sunbowl May 17th and 18th for The Spring Round-Up Rodeo.  It is going to be broadcast live on the Cowboy Channel Plus app. It will also be on the Cowgirl Channel the next day. 

Professional clown Willie Wilson will be on hand to entertain. There will be food trucks on the outside and concession stands inside. Kids will have a ton of fun with the Money Goat. Picture a mob of kids from 4 to 7 trying to grab cash off a speedy goat running around the arena. 

Have You Seen a Cowgirl Ride a Bronc? 

With the broadcast on the Cowgirl Channel, the Spring Round-Up will feature Women’s Ranch Broncs and Goat Tying, as well as Breakaway Roping and Barrels. Four events for cowgirls will be broadcast to gather national attention. 

Of course there will be the men’s events. Horses and bulls will be provided by Ben German Broken Heart Rodeo. It is going to be a ton of fun.  


How the Spring Round-Up Started 

I talked with Jay Holcomb about why he started the rodeo. He said it came from a conversation with former city councilman Joe Bowcutt. 

He said Joe pulled him aside and said, “Jay, use the Sunbowl. It is so iconic, there are so many memories there, so much history. If we don’t start using it, they will take it away from us.” Holcomb promised to do something there whether it was roping or a rodeo. 

Later he received some stunning news. “He passed away that night,” said Holcomb. “I couldn’t go back. I’m just trying to honor my promise to Joe.” 

We can all do our part to enjoy the Spring Round-Up Rodeo at the Sunbowl and honor the history of the place. If you would like tickets or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, go to 

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