Mormon Crickets Invade Tiny Town Near Utah’s Border 

Call in the Seagulls already. The small town of Spring Creek near Elko in Nevada is getting invaded by crickets for the second year in a row. There are so many of the bugs, it makes the roads look like they are moving.  

It isn't the only place these bugs are crawling through. Mormon crickets have invaded northern Nevada and parts of Utah. These infestations happen often in the west and come in 4 to 6 year cycles.

What Damage Can Crickets Do?

They aren't aggressive to humans, but they do smell like something is rotting when smashed and they are gross to step on. They will do a lot of damage to crops and can even chew on the wood siding on your house.

It does feel like one of the biblical plagues has descended on an area or something from the apocalypse. They won't bother urban areas as there isn't much for the grasshoppers to feed on there, but rural areas can get hit hard.

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People are using power washers and Shop-Vacs to suck them up. There are so many crickets on the roads, it can become a danger for vehicles as the smashed crickets become slick. The county has brought out the snow plows sweep them away.

I think if I were being invaded by a plague of crickets, I would leave town and go on vacation for a month.

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