Are there Jobs that Won’t Be Replaced With AI? 

In a survey by Thumbtack, a platform for people with skilled trades, they found young people have a high opinion of trade jobs. They like the fact that they offer less schooling, flexible hours, and they are less likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence. 

It is noted in this article from Fast Company that it would be hard for ChatGPT to replace your plumber or electrician. Most of the skilled jobs cannot be easily replaced, although with self-driving cars, truck drivers and bus drivers may not always be needed. 

Will AI End Up Creating More Jobs? 

The idea that technology will displace workers has been around since the invention of the wheel. As you can see from history, telephones did replace telegraph jobs, but it also made a whole lot more places to work in the new industry. This has been true of in the past and likely true in the future. 

An article on LinkedIn details the jobs that will grow from artificial intelligence. 

Despite concerns about job displacement, studies suggest that AI has the potential to create more jobs than it replaces. The World Economic Forum predicts that while AI may replace around 85 million jobs by 2025, it will also create approximately 97 million new roles. 

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AI will increase the need for more research and marketing and these are just some of the fields that will increase with AI. Most areas will still need people to work in them while some of the mundane tasks will be done by computers according to the article.

Should We Encourage Young People Towards Skilled Trade Jobs? 

In the survey they found 87% of people with a skilled trade are very happy with their work. They find it satisfying and would encourage their own children to go into the field. So yes, I think with the need in these fields for younger workers, this my make a good career choice. 

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