You may be under the impression that Sasquatch, or bigfoot, lives in the Pacific Northwest, but there has been a sighting here in Southern Utah, although it was over 20 years ago.

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization records sasquatch siting's from around the country. In 2002 a couple was driving Highway 91 from Ivins to Mesquite when they came upon a large upright figure standing 8 to 10 feet tall and walking in the middle of the road. The witness report is as follows:

My name is [omitted]. My ex-husband and I were going west on Highway 91 toward Mesquite, Nevada. The wind was blowing south to north. Tumbleweeds had been blowing across the road before. He came up from the south by the Santa Clara River. We saw him in our headlights. He was about in the middle of the road when we saw him. He was swinging his arms like a human and he kept glancing back to see how fast we were approaching. He was 8 to 10 feet tall, had a hairy body and looked like the ones I have seen on TV. His hair was brown in color. His hair was blowing in the wind, and we did not feel any fear. The speed limit in this area is 45 MPH. [Husband] slowed down to about 25 MPH. We did not even talk to each other until we got past him. Then we each said "what did you just see"? We got to see him for a long time because the road was quite wide and it took quite a while before he went of the shoulder and down a small embankment

An investigator for BRFO followed up and included the following details:

The witness was the passenger, and her husband was driving west bound on Highway 91 going to Mesquite, Nevada. They first saw the creature as it approached the road from the left, coming up out of the river bottoms. They clearly saw the animal the entire time that it was exposed in their headlights. It was approximately four car lengths away. The animal walked across the road and crossed onto the dirt shoulder. The witnesses lost sight of the animal when they drove past it. They were one car length away when it was on the right hand shoulder. The witness stated that it couldn't have been a person in a suit because it was too massive, and looked too much like an animal. The animal had hair approximately twelve inches long, brown, and blowing in the wind. It looked at the vehicle several times, as if to determine if it was going to be hit.


Based on the close proximity of the encounter, the sincerity of the witness, and the consistencies of the animal's behavior with other purported sasquatch behaviors, I believe that this is a legitimate Class A observation.

It seems to me if the creature was nervous about being hit by their vehicle, this can't be chalked up to a spirit or supernatural being. It was living and breathing and could be threatened by an oncoming car.

If bigfoot does or has lived in the cottonwoods off Highway 91, we need to know more. With a camera on every phone, it is time to get a clear, definitive picture. If you travel this area regularly, please keep your eyes open and your camera ready.


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