The economic landscape of Iron County, Utah, received a significant boost with the recent allocation of funds through the Iron County Small Business Grant Program. Spearheaded by the Iron County Economic Opportunity Board and the Cedar City Business & Innovation Center, this initiative is powered by the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity Rural County Grant Program.

In 2024, the program garnered substantial interest, drawing applications from over 40 small businesses vying for a slice of the funding pie, which could potentially reach up to $60,000. Following a rigorous selection process that included in-person pitches to board members, five local businesses emerged as recipients of various funding amounts: Ala Chelle Catering, Cedar Sports, Dallas Smith Media, Fresh Start Flooring, and Yummy Tummy Sweets.

David Johnson, the Economic Development Director for Cedar City and Iron County, highlighted the program's growing significance within the community, noting a doubling in the number of applicants from the previous year. He emphasized the ongoing efforts to secure additional grant funding to expand the program's reach and support more small businesses in the future.


A key stipulation of the grant requires awardees to match the funding they receive, ensuring a mutual investment in their growth and development. The utilization of these funds spans a spectrum of projects, ranging from infrastructure developments and building construction to equipment upgrades and technology investments.

Utah's reputation as a fertile ground for business ventures is further underscored by accolades such as its consistent ranking as one of the best states to start a business by organizations like WalletHub. In a recent accolade, Cedar City was crowned the best small city in the United States to start a business, attributed to its conducive business environment, resource accessibility, and favorable business costs.

With a steadfast commitment to nurturing small businesses, Iron County continues to lay the groundwork for entrepreneurial success, ensuring that aspirations can take root and flourish in its vibrant economic ecosystem.

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