It's one of the year's worst seasons, not because of the pollen, but the spiders.  

Utah is heating up meaning that just like you, our local spiders are looking for a place to escape the heat. Your home is the perfect place for that with your air conditioning and fans.  

There are over 600 species of spiders in the state just waiting to cozy up to you in your bathroom while you take a shower.  

Luckily, there are ways to keep these guys out and burning down the house won’t be necessary. Probably. 

The Spruce gives a list of seven things that can attract spiders into your Utah home and how to prevent/minimize that from happening. Sorry spider dudes, I know it's hot, but you can’t stay here.  

Other Insects 

Spiders like a place where they can grab a bite to eat while also getting away from the sun. So, if your home has other insects in abundance like flies or what not then you may want to figure out how to make your house less...appetizing.  


These little dudes can have simply caught a ride into your home via a bag or box. The best way to prevent a “delivery service” of a spider into your home is to check your items before you bring them in.  


Just like us, getting away from the rain or heat is a priority for spiders and that means that any open spaces are simply inviting them to waltz right in. This includes cracks, gaps and any open windows or doors.  

Dark and Damp 

Basements, cellars, garages, and even your bathroom are super inviting for spiders. They like the dark and damp spaces in your home. Keep things clean and put up some insect repellent in these areas for the best chance of avoiding unwanted guests. 

Following The Light 

Moths find themselves drawn to bright lights and so do spiders. However, that is because they can prey on all the other insects circling. This does not mean you shouldn’t have any lights but maybe consider motion sensor ones.  


Keep it clean guys. If flies are surrounding your trash or open food, there is a good chance a spider is looking to grab a bite of the fly. Store things properly and this shouldn’t be an issue. 

Ninja Style 

If there is an opening, spiders are going to take it. Make sure to seal your doors and windows plus any cracks to avoid these guys from ninjaing into your home.  


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