It is officially mosquito season in Utah and that means that you may need to change up your wardrobe to keep them at bay. 

Summer is the time of bright colors like red, pink, orange, and light blues. Just like humans, mosquitoes are fond of a few of these colors too. These insects have limited eyesight which means that certain colors are more enticing to them. 

Homes and Gardens said that even interior or exterior decorating can play a part in attracting mosquitos.  

Black, dark blue, red and orange are colors that mosquitos are drawn to. If you are like me and prefer dark colors year-round, this is terrible news.  

Southern Utah gets HOT and so most smart and fashion savvy people (not me) will be wearing whites, greens, and other lighter colors. If it isn’t red or orange, you will probably be safe.  

Any colors that reflect heat and light such as white, greens, blues and purples are helpful because mosquitos don’t like them, and they help keep you cooler during the hot months.  

Unfortunately, repainting your whole house seems a bit excessive and if you do have any of the colors that attract these annoying pests. It might be more practical to change outdoor rugs and pillows to a heat reflecting color for coolness and mosquito repelling.  

So, this is a PSA to consider a change in wardrobe when going outside, especially in the evenings since that's when mosquitos like to come out. Good luck fighting off the pests, Utah.  

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