As Spring comes to Utah, you'll start to see people have more garage sales to get ahead of their Spring cleaning.  

It’s nice to get some items cheaper if you don’t mind them having been used, and sometimes there are some great finds! Anything from antiques to first editions can be found at the right garage sale.  

However, there are some items you should never purchase from garage sales for various reasons. Readers Digest provided a list of all the things you should be skeptical of when looking to buy at these events.  

#1 Helmets 

Many times, getting a helmet for you or the kids for cheaper seems like a great idea. The problem is that there can be damage that's difficult to see on helmets. That means when you need it, it could crack or not protect your head during an impact. 

#2 Car Seats 

Never buy a child car seat from a garage sale. Just like helmets, it's possible they become damaged and thus can’t function as well. Plus, there is always new technology for these so it's better to get the most up to date version.  

#3 Cribs 

It can be difficult to gauge the safety of a used crib, so don’t buy one for your baby.  

#4 Pots and Pans 

Used pots are super common at the D.I. in Utah but...they probably shouldn’t be. The same goes with garage sales. There are some safety issues that could be a part of it like the non-stick coating coming off.  

To see a full list of garage sale items not to buy in Utah (or anywhere) click here.  


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