Utah is known for its many National and State Parks, but it also has some beautiful buildings that deserve more recognition.  

Trip Advisor has updated its 2024 best architectural buildings in the state. If you guessed that some of them are buildings by the Church of Latter-day Saints, you guessed correctly. But those are not the only buildings to have made Trip Advisor’s list.  

Top 5 Most Beautiful Architectural Buildings in Utah: 

LDS Conference Center SLC 

With its rising white pillars and trademark its trademark circular room for conferences, this building takes the No. 1 spot. Outside there are water features great for walking around basking in the SLC sun. You can also go to the roof and get a fantastic view of the surrounding area.  

Union Station 

Once the main hub for railway transportation, Union Station acts as a historical landmark and museum. Actually, there are four museums housed within its walls; Utah State Railroad Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Browning Kimball Car Museum, and the Browning Forearms Museum.  

It is the perfect location for a family trip that is meant to be educational.  

Joseph Smith Memorial Building 

Yet another LDS building makes the list with sprawling white and distinct features. It looks like a beautiful hotel from certain angles that you might see in old movies. The Joseph Smith Memorial Building has two restaurants, a movie theatre and several banquet halls.  

Provo City Center Temple 

This gorgeous temple looks like a castle and has a lovely mountain backdrop. There are water features outside and picturesque windows reminiscent of a time long gone. Even the aerial view is impressive with its circular sidewalk patterns. 

LDS Tabernacle 

Another church building with impressive and distinct architecture. Located in Logan, UT, this place looks like a more traditional church but has a stunning layout.  


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