This is just another article of items, I can't believe had to be specified by the post office, that you cannot send in the mail.
You can't send these items in the U.S. mail:
Some items are completely forbidden.
Some are restricted.
Hazardous materials might be prohibited or restricted.
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Air Bags, like for a car? I guess they can explode in route, but how do you get them?
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Ammunition- The United Sates Postal Service (USPS) does not want the liability. You must use FedEx or UPS if you want to steer clear of trouble.

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Explosives- Yep I can't imagine who needs to mail explosives but I am sure they are not happy knowing that it is illegal to use USPS.

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Gasoline- USPS says no and that should be enough.

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Liquid Mercury- now they are just taking away everyone's fun.

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Marijuana-this is when your kids start asking,' but why?,' a lot.

Obeying the law: because it's the magical formula for preventing chaos, protecting your rights, avoiding pesky legal consequences like fines or jail time, and, of course, fostering trust among your fellow law-abiding citizens. It's like being part of a secret club, but instead of a cool handshake, you just have to follow some rules. So, unless you're a fan of drama, legal trouble, or societal side-eye, just do the bare minimum and follow most of the constitutional friendly rules – it's the adulting version of not sticking your hand in the cookie jar.
The list of restricted items is very long and you can look them up here: USPS NO NOS Better to be safe than sorry.

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