Luke Combs has dropped love songs and drinking songs and breakup songs and vengeful, done-me-wrong songs. His new single, "The Kind of Love We Make," is his first bedroom song.

The "Doin' This" singer has touched on the topic with album cuts, but until Friday (June 17), he'd not yet offered one up to country radio. "The Kind of Love We Make" relies on the kind of melody you change the dial hoping to hear. Billy Currington used to do this regularly with the same kind of easy efficiency Combs shows as he describes his romantic intentions with two short verses and an effective chorus. There's a little bit of an R&B groove, but only enough to stretch his reliable country sound in new, interesting ways. Nothing about this track signals a pivot.

Really, why in the world would Combs pivot? "Doin' This," the lead single from his upcoming Growin' Up album, kept his streak of No. 1 singles going when it peaked in late May. "The Kind of Love We Make" will take slightly more effort to reach the top of the charts than "Beer Never Broke My Heart," a rocker that needed less than three months. After that, he has a tremendous Miranda Lambert duet in the can. Consistency often grows mold, but not with this father-to-be. Once again, it's the year of Luke Combs.

Did You Know?: "The Kind of Love We Make" was written by Combs with Jamie Davis and the Brothers Hunt, who are Dan and Reid Isbell.

Listen to Luke Combs, "The Kind of Love We Make"

Luke Combs, "The Kind of Love We Make Song Lyrics:

We’ve been burnin’ both ends keepin’ the lights on / So I’ve been thinkin’ we need a little time alone / So whatcha say we cancel our plans / Tonight I’m only gonna be your man.

Let’s get some candles burning and some records turning / All the lights down low, take it nice and slow / The way your body’s moving, keep doing what you’re doing / To me all night long writing our love song / Girl, I want it, gotta have it / Let the passion take us to a higher place / Making the kind of love we make.

There ain’t no way baby, to get me out this house / When you look this good what could I even think about / Besides turnin’ ‘round and lockin’ the door / Watching your red dress fall to the floor.

Repeat Chorus

So whatcha say we cancel our plans / Tonight I’m only gonna be your man.

Repeat Chorus

attachment-The kind of love we make
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