Are there really magical healing plants in Southern Utah?

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I have had a ridiculous cough for over a month now. Dr. said it is viral. I am an herbal chick and I have tried every herbal remedy I can think of. But maybe there are more options than I though. I have taken so much garlic it is leaking from every pore. I smell great. I have tried herbal teas, garlic and onion soup with delicious herbs, tons of raw honey, essential oils, a big humidifier, constantly applying vapor rub, Emergen-C twice a day, hot baths with Epsom salt and oils, steamy showers and I'm sure I've forgot the many other things I have tried.  What The?????? So then I tried some Alka-Seltzer Cold and Cough....nothing. Next up was Mucinex dm maximum strength. It barely paused the cough with no clean out of my lungs. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So I turned to google...

There are Magical healing plants right here is southern Utah. First up...

Prickly Pear Cactus 

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

After a little research I found out this beauty helps fight inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure and can even help a hangover. Wow. It is gorgeous when in bloom. There are a ton in Ivins, UT When I go out to Tuacahn or Red Mountain Spa area I love thinking that one day I will make some prickly pear jam. The flowers are edible as well.


Spring lupine flower bloom along the Lake Superior shoreline in Minnesota
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I've seen these around but had no idea what they were called. I've seen them in Bloomington, UT when heading to go shooting, but I thought they were blue bells. Super pretty and I need to grow them in my yard. The flowers can be brewed as a tea and help with nausea and clean out the urinary track. Botanists warn that if not identified properly you can get a toxic strain of the plant. So avoid ingesting the seeds and don't over consume. You can have a couple of cups of tea with no problem.


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Fleabane is a powerhouse herbal plant. This entire plant can be used. The Cherokee tribe used Fleabane to relieve headaches, colds, and helping with effects of epilepsy. It can also be used to break fevers. The flowers are used in tea and many people talk about how chewing the roots help with headaches. I will be finding this bad boy and planting it in my yard. This has to be the one that will heal my never-ending cough.

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