USA Today has released their TOP 10 for 'Best Small Town Food Scenes In United States', and a town close to us has made the list! That town? Mesquite, Nevada! I can't even argue with it, either. Mesquite ALWAYS has some great eats at all the casinos!


1. Lewisburg, West Virginia

2. Thomasville, Georgia

3. Abingdon, Virgina

4. Oxford, Mississippi

5. Covington, Louisiana

6. Mount Dora, Florida

7. Orange Beach, Alabama

8. Traverse City, Michigan

9. Mesquite, Nevada

10. Cape May, New Jersey


When I'm In Mesquite I have TWO go-to restaurants. The first one is the Virgin River Cafe. It's open 24/7 and they serve breakfast at all hours too! I usually ALWAYS get breakfast, but I've also gotten their Cheeseburger or Club Sandwich. I will say though, they've gotten a lot more expensive over the years! I remember when the Ham Steak & Eggs was like $1.99, and now it's nearly $10! But still, it's definitely a lot more affordable than Denny's or IHOP!

My second favorite is the Mason Street Courtyard. 99% of the time, I get the Club Sandwich with a BIG side of Ranch. It's delicious. They've got amazing beer battered fries too that it comes with! The great thing about both of these places is... If you gamble enough, you can pay for your food with your players card! (I haven't paid for food in Mesquite in a shockingly long time!)

Mesquite also has three AWESOME Buffets at each of the 3 big casinos. My favorite is Sierra's Buffet at the Virgin River. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it is always great! I used to go there as a kid, so it's very nostalgic to me! But the Town Square Buffet at Eureka is good too, but their hours of operation are always a little random, so check online before you go. Finally we get to the Mesa Buffet at the Casablanca! I haven't had their lunch or dinner buffet in a very long time, but I've had their breakfast buffet, and it absolutely SLAPS! I love that buffet!

There's also amazing restaurants like Katherine's Steakhouse or Gregory's where you can get some really incredible food at a higher price!

Mesquite makes USA Today's TOP 10 for their food scene and I am absolutely in agreement with it!

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