Let's go back to a simpler time. A better time. The 90's! HANDS DOWN the BEST decade to ever grow up in!

Here's a list of things WE ALL DID in the 90's that sound TOTALLY PROBLEMATIC today!


Remember calling a guy or girl and having the ABSOLUTE BALLS to ask their parent's if you could talk to their kid? Not only THAT... But you would sit on the phone for hours HOPING your other family members aren't listening to EVERYTHING you're saying in the other room!


I don't know where you're from, but here in St. George, our doors were ALWAYS unlocked! Night time, day time, it didn't matter! Our doors were NEVER locked!


How old were you when you were cooking full meals for yourself? I was AT LEAST 5 years old making Top Ramen on the stove. BOILING WATER? A 5 YEAR OLD? What could possibly go wrong?!

Gone... ALL DAY:

I was NEVER home as a kid. I'm talking like... 7 here. My parents had absolutely no clue where I was at! I was blocks, sometimes miles away from home with my buddies just hanging out, riding bikes!

Home Alone:

My sister is seven years older than me, and I can remember my mom leaving me home alone when she would take her to school... My sister was in SIXTH GRADE! That means I would have been four! Four years old, waking up alone, making myself breakfast!


On Halloween every year, I see parents walking their kids door to door. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I was NEVER with my parents. Even in Kindergarten. If my parents would've even MENTIONED going with me on Halloween I would've laughed them out of the room! Me and my buddies were gone all night, and we were SO FAR from home!

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You're Guilty Too: Utah's Most MISPRONOUNCED Words!


If you're from Southern Utah... You've probably said a few of this words before, and I'm here to tell you STOP! THAT'S NOT HOW YOU SAY THAT!

The Words:

NOPE! Not a word! The word you're TRYING to use is "Supposedly". Supposed, NEVER Supposab!


Regardless is the correct word, and TECHNICALLY speaking "Irregardless" is a word, but it's nonsensical and just means "Regardless".


"I could care less!":
Well, that would mean that you CARE about it. You should be saying you COULDN'T care less. As if you care so little about it, you could physically NOT. CARE. ANY. LESS! This one drives me straight bananas!

attachment-care less

It is not a Realuhter. It's a REALTOR. Somehow we've started to add the "uh" sound between "Real" and "Turr". Come on guys!


Another one that drives me up a wall. It's Espresso! There is NO X in this word! Can we please stop adding the X? Eh-Spress-So. NEVER EX-PRESS-SO!



Another X got thrown into this word! Especially! Why do so many people say EXPECIALLY?


The extra X's will be the death of me! You ESCAPE something. You don't EXCAPE it. Why do we Southern Utahns ALWAYS throw in that extra X?


I've heard GROWN ADULTS with COLLEGE DEGREES say the word "Libary" instead of LIBRARY! How?! How have you made it this far in life calling it Libary, and talking about the "LIBARIAN!" Baffles me.


A Gif is a little video that is on a loop without sound. You see them everywhere. GIF stands for "Graphics Interchange Format" It is "Giff" not "Jiff"! Think of the G sound "Graphics" makes. It's not "Jraphics" it's "Graphics" GIFF!


The word is actually Sher-bet, not Sher-Bert. Sherbert sounds like the old guy that lives down the street. When you have that for a dessert, you're not having Sherbert! You're having Sherbet. AND DEFINITELY NEVER SORBAY!

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