What exotic animal would you own if you could?

We did a poll and the results are in.

Single lion looking regal standing proudly on a small hill


BIG cats were the clear winner. Everything from Savanna cats and snow leopards to black panthers and the real big winner is...

attachment-Untitled design (5)

Tigers. Specifically white tigers. They are gorgeous and majestic. Can you imagine having this guy just chillin in the back yard when you get home? Awesome. Kedan voted for 2 of the top animal picks:

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Next up is the elephant. if you could get as close as they are in this pic I think it was be rad  to have, play with and ride an elephant!


Look how happy they are! Where would we have local elephant rides? Top of the Sugar Loaf somewhere? You could head to hike Dixie Rock and get an elephant ride while you're that way? Or like Eric Dodge says, ride in local parades.

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Pandas are next. How cute are they? They seem so chill and just eat and lounge all day. Danny Gray had a great idea! We need to learn how to eat and roll around for travel. hahahah

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Next is the Red Panda.

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These are so fun to watch play around in videos. They wrestle each other and roll around. Too cute. Unlike the representation in Disney's Turning Red, they are much smaller than a regular panda, so I could have a few of them to snuggle and take a nap with.

Next on the list was a giraffe. I'm not sure what you would do with a giraffe.

Giraffe pictures were taken at the Nashville, TN Zoo
Misty Mullican

I mean you could sit and watch her for hours on end. I wonder if I could get close enough to learn to ride one. THAT would be amazing.

Several people said otter which seems like a strange choice.

River Otter sticking her tongue out.
Heather Burditt

Until I watched cute videos of them on YouTube. Man I tell you what, they are so soft, smooth and endearing. If you are having a bad day look up some great otter videos. They show so much love to their babies. ♥


Honorable Mention is the monkey. There were votes for chimps, baboons and gorillas.

Western lowland gorilla

I love animals. But this guy doesn't look like I could really nestle in and have him protect me while I sleep. I could see myself trying to train up a chimp and go on the road to nursing homes performing simple tricks. Exotic monkey and serving/performing for seniors, seems like a perfect combo. Although last time my high school choir group tried to perform at a rest home, some of the men in the back covered their ears. So, maybe I'm not keen on what they would like to see ;)

Chimpanzee sleeping.

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