Why buy one outfit for $100 when you could get 10ish? I was taught very early on, that thrifting was LIFE. I grew up semi-poor so if I wanted a wardrobe I had to spend time digging at thrift stores instead of spending a ton of money. There was a bit of a fight but I have FINALY talked my kids into thrifting being fun to do. (They don't like how long it takes.) I think it is a treasure hunt of sorts.


Cedar City, UT DI.  You can save so much money if you will just take time to peruse the thrift stores for the things you need. Here is part of our latest haul:


My son loves taking pics for me. hahaha. Check out the school shirts I found for $4! You have to be willing to try stuff on too. Most of the stuff just doesn't look great on the hanger.


I found 11 outfits for my kids for $97!!! That is an amazing amount of outfits.


This is an oversized shirt for my 16 year old daughter that she got a tank top to put under it and she loves it. I will say that I didn't get any shoes or accessories, just shirts and pants or shorts. And a lot of the items were for my youngest because she is the easiest to please right now.


Most of the time thrifting makes me more creative. You have to think of how you can make the item work for you. Sometimes I cut out the neck or make a small v neck. Sometimes we cut the sides and tie them. Other times we put in elastic and create ruching on the sides. We always cut pants off for short once the knees are worn out. So, we keep that in mind for pants that might look better as capris or shorts.

There is so much you can do if you can just make the time to be frugal. The possibilities for your wardrobe double when you are willing to devote a little time and creativity when you shop.

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