Kevin Costner was in Southern Utah a couple of months ago scouting the area for a new film he is producing called “Horizons.” He was spotted by locals in Hurricane and other places as he interacted with area businesses. 

So, what should you do if you see a celebrity and what should you definitely not do? 

Most of us don’t want to disrupt their day or give them a bad impression of people here. If you don’t feel this way, if you only want to get something like a selfie or their used napkin from lunch, so you can show it to your friends, you probably aren’t going to read this anyway. 

But for those of us who care about the impression we leave, here are some tips when you run into someone famous. 

First, assess the situation. If the celebrity is with their kids, deep in conversation at a restaurant, or standing with their pants down in the doctor’s office, it probably isn’t the right time. Maybe very subtly snap a photo from the hip and move on. Especially if it’s the doctor’s office scenario. 

Let’s say you walk into a hotel and the celebrity is standing in the lobby. Smile and make eye contact. How the celebrity responds will let you know if they are good with you engaging them.  

If they smile back, and appear welcoming, maybe acknowledge you, it’s a good time to approach. On the other hand, if they lower their head or turn away, they do not want to be approached. In this case, you should move on gracefully, saying nothing or something sincere like “I think you’re awesome.” 

If it is a good time to approach, don’t waste time apologizing, explaining yourself, or exclaiming how exciting it is for you. Think how you would feel if someone introduced themselves in this way. It would feel awkward to respond to any of these approaches. 

Rather, talk to them as you would to anyone you admire. Let them know how you have enjoyed their work. Do this as an equal and share sincerely what you appreciate without a lot of over-the-top emotions. This can be a pleasant exchange without taking a lot of their time. 

attachment-Taylor Swift Interview
John and Dave Hiatt interview Taylor Swift

Last of all, do not start with a selfie. I know no one will believe you without proof, but it’s obnoxious to just look for a pic. It says to the celebrity that it’s all about you and your needs. If you have a good interaction, the selfie will come at the end, and it won’t look like you have harassed them into it. 

Most celebrities understand their fame and are usually pretty gracious when in public. They don’t mind taking some time to greet the people who are fans. Just think of how you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes and it can be a positive experience you can relate to friends and family for years to come. 


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