Do you remember when St. George had only ONE high school? How about when Pine View was built? Remember when Snow Canyon was built? Desert Hills? Crimson Cliffs?

St. George is now home to FIVE high schools! Can you believe it?! Now, of course you have others like Millcreek, Southwest, and Tuacahn, but today we're only talking about the 5 public high schools.

But from the OUTSIDE ONLY, what high school would you say is the best looking?!

1. Desert Hills High School:


I love the windows on this school. I love how open and wide it feels. I love the metal and brick, mixed with dark, plus the greenery near the entrance. I think this one beats out the other schools in St. George by a long shot! This is a really good looking school!

2. Pine View High School:


Pine View High is somewhat similar to Desert Hills with the metallic outside and brick, but this brick is a little lighter colored. I like this one almost as much as Desert Hills, but I don't love the stairs you need to take to get into the building.

3. Crimson Cliffs High School:


Crimson High looks good. They've got nice, manicured lawn, but that front entrance feels so tiny. The other schools feel like they have such a GRAND ENTRANCE, then you have Crimson, and it just feels... blah.

4. Dixie High School:


Here's what's weird about Dixie High School... You can't really find a main entrance. It's like tucked into the middle of the property. You need to get out of your car and start searching for the entrance / front office. Very confusing. That's why I have to drop them so low. BUT, I do love the backside of Dixie High. 3 floors, brick and metal. It looks like a university almost!

5. Snow Canyon High School:


Snow Canyon High has that grand entrance that I'm looking for... But it just feels very old and outdated. I don't know. I think it's a pretty school, but for some reason, it just doesn't do it for me. Totally personal preference, but this one is the bottom of my list.

What do you think? Where did I TOTALLY go wrong?!

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