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If you like your job and are completely satisfied with where you work and what you make, then you can keep reading for knowledge purposes. 

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Let's make some money!!!!! If you aren't completely satisfied with your current career, then maybe back to school is an option.  More education can mean more opportunities and more income quickly, if you choose your focus wisely. There are plenty of online courses and mini campuses throughout the state to further your education. So what career should you choose? Something fulfilling that can make you some money is the dream.

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Here are the top paying jobs in Utah according to ZipRecruiter.
#1 The highest salary in Utah is for an anesthesiologist and they make $322,799 per year. 

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#2 The second highest-paying job in Utah is an orthodontist and they make $271,733 per year. 

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That is a lot of money, and if those careers are of interest to you then go get them!

Here are the top ten jobs, by income, in Utah in a nifty graph from Career Karma

Job TitleAverage Salary in UtahAverage Salary in the US
Vice President of Marketing$122,628$132,073
Technical Program Manager$119,153$128,330
Senior Developer Java$105,915$114,073
Senior Software Engineer$94,529$101,810
Mechanical Engineer$74,834$80,598

I was interested in looking at the top paying jobs in the nation and happened upon this info from U.S. Bureau or Labor Statistics.


Here are the top paying jobs in the nation according to U.S. Bureau or Labor Statistics.

Cardiologists $421,330 per year
Orthopedic Surgeons $371,400 per year
Pediatric Surgeons $362,970 per year
Athletes and Sports Competitors $358,080 per year
Surgeons, All Other  $347,870 per year
Surgeons broad $337,980 per year
Radiologists $329,080 per year
Dermatologists $327,650 per year
Emergency Medicine Physicians $316,600 per year
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons $309,410 per year

Just remember that a job that only brings in money but you have to sacrifice family time or passion, still isn't worth it in the end.

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There are 49 'at will' states, and Utah is one of them. This means you can be let go from your job for pretty much any reason without notice. That part is true. Your employer doesn't even have to tell you why you are being let go. Most likely the reason will be a PC lie anyway.

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That got me thinking about how you owe your company exactly nothing. Zero. The company pays you and you do the agreed upon (most of the time more than agreed upon) work. That's it. It is very sad but, loyalty seems to be a thing of the past.

Most of the time companies are only watching out for themselves and will let you go with even a wrongful accusation. Some businesses do not wait until the truth comes out, they put you on paid or unpaid leave immediately, and then quickly let you go whether you are guilty or not.

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You know the old expectation that you give your employer 2 weeks notice before you leave? Why are we expected to give notice when leaving if an employer is not required to do the same? That seems short sided. Here comes the not true part....My friend said that she has been given several contracts that even state that the company will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law if you leave without notice. That is not even legal unless you stated somewhere that you would give notice as part of the agreement. (Hopefully because they hired you with a big salary and bonus structure in place.)

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Obviously there are exceptions to this and there are still some great bosses and companies to work for. I will still be giving any company I work for the heads up, unless there is some weird unforeseeable circumstance where it is not possible to do so.

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When job hunting, look for employees who are happy to go to work. Really research the atmosphere of the new company and see how long they retain their employees and if the company fosters promotion within the company. You spend a ton of time at your job, so you should love it. ♥ Look for the good ones and don't waste your time at a job that isn't fun or productive or uplifting. Careful though.....if your 2nd or third job isn't fun or productive or uplifting, it might be you.

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For several years the fastest growing large city in Utah was St. George. Good news is, that title has been stolen by another Utah city.

The St. George area is still one of the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan areas. With an influx of people relocating from surrounding states, our road and water infrastructure has been stretched to the max. But here is some good news! St. George City proper is no longer the fastest growing large city in the state of Utah. According the 2022 census, St. George, Utah has actually dropped to 3rd on the list of fastest growing Large Cities (by percentage) in Utah.

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#3 St George, Utah

St. George is beautiful (look at those colors!) with plenty of national and state parks close by and very mild winters, which is why so many people were flocking to the city especially during the covid shut down. St. George City is up 2.3% in the last year and that is approximately 2,339 People.

Fun Fact*St. George is the 7th largest city in Utah and the most populated city outside of the Wasatch Front.

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#2 South Jordan, Utah

South Jordan is 2nd on the list, coming in at a growth of 4.3% in the last year with approximately 3,411 new residents.

Fun Fact* South Jordan, Utah was the first city in the world with two LDS temples. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints first built the Jordan River Utah Temple, and then the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple was built. Now Provo, Utah also has two LDS temples.

And the #1 city with the fastest growth for a large city in Utah is...

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#1 Lehi, Utah

Whaaa? That is not a city even on my radar that would be the fastest growing in Utah.

With 5.6% growth in the last year Lehi has added 4,456 new residents.

Fun fact* Lehi Roller Mill is where part of the movie Footloose was filmed.

Movie gif. A party rages and confetti falls as Kevin Bacon as Ren in Footloose twirls, then shrugs confidently and straightens his bowtie. The crowd around him applauds.Kevin Bacon Dance GIF by Joseph Fontinha

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