Relax… I’ll tell you now!

Tied-7: Bob Dylan (Estimated net worth: $500 million)

Off the top of my head… Can I name ONE Bob Dylan songs? YES, of course! Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door! (Thank you, Guns N’ Roses.) But can I name another? Nope, don’t think so! I can do a GREAT Bob Dylan impression though!

bob dylan deal with it GIF

Tied-7: Elton John (Estimated net worth: $500 million)

HOLD ME CLOSER, TINY DANCER! My parents LOVE Elton John! He had his Vegas Residency for a real long time, so if you got to see him… CONGRATS! You saw an icon!

Concert Gig GIF by Elton John

Tied-7: Gloria Estefan (Estimated net worth: $500 million)

Full disclosure: I couldn’t name a single song from her! I know that she’s in the new remake of Father Of The Bride though. Check it out on HBO Max. Hang on, I’m googling her music… Oh! She does that Conga song. Alright, I’ve heard of her! But the Latin Community LOVES THEM SOME GLORIA ESTEFAN!

Gloria Estefan Latina GIF by Latinx Heritage

Tied-7: Beyoncé (Estimated net worth: $500 million)

You probably know her as Beyonce… Jay-Z’s wife. REAL OG’s know her as the LEAD for Destiny’s Child. Seriously… Can we get a reunion together? Say my name, Say my name… If no one is around you, say Baby, I love you!

 Beyonce Bae GIF

6: Julio Iglesias (Estimated net worth: $600 million)

You may not know who Julio Iglesias is… but your parents probably do! GOOD NEWS! You probably know his son, Enrique! I CAN BE YOUR HERO, BABYYYY! Also, Anna Kournikova is his daughter-in-law. Well, kinda. She’s been with Enrique for the last 20+ years, but they’ve never married. I don’t get it. Enrique… Put a ring on it!

AIR Music label recordlabel julio iglesias y lo sabes GIF

Tied-4: Bruce Springsteen (Estimated net worth: $650 million)

The Boss! Every 4th of July you’ll hear his voice: BOOOORRRNNNNNN IN THE USA!

Bruce Springsteen Dancing GIF

Tied-4: Dolly Parton (Estimated net worth: $650 million)

I LOVE DOLLY! Not only is she an icon, but she cares about people! She’s donated over 150,000 books to children from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library! Oh, also… She wrote the #1 most selling song of ALL TIME by a female with I Will Always Love You. She’s worth $650,000,000 and deserves EVERY PENNY!

GIF by Dolly Parton

3: Celine Dion (Estimated net worth: $800 million)

I’m a huge fan of Celine Dion. Tell me you can hear My Heart Will Go On, without singing it. You CAN’T! I’m actually really surprised she’s so high on this list! But she’s the best! Currently, she had to cancel her tour because of some phantom illness!

Celine Dion Cd GIF

2: Madonna (Estimated net worth: $850 million)

She was big in the 80’s and 90’s… But hasn’t done too much since then! Recently, she posted a TikTok where it seemed that she was coming out as gay, but I’m not sure if she’s ever POINT BLANK said “I’m Gay”. She’s just a material girl living in a material world.

Mad Lets Go GIF by Madonna

1: Rihanna (Estimated net worth: $1.4 billion)

Ri-Ri’s doing The Super Bowl Halftime Show this February, and EVERY YEAR, I don’t know why people agree to do it! Half the country takes to Twitter to say how awful you are. But still, pretty huge deal! I must add… She has a cosmetics company that is making her worth almost DOUBLING Madonna’s net worth. Should that count?Dancing Queen Rihanna GIF

Source Credit: https://www.slice.ca/the-richest-singers-this-year-ranked-by-net-worth/

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