Whether you call it soda, or pop, or soda pop... we've all had it, and we all probably have a favorite! I haven't had ANY SODA since mid-October 2022, and I miss it a lot, but the carbs are SO HIGH!! No wonder this country has an obesity problem!

Here are my TOP 5 sodas!

1. Cherry 7-Up!

Hands down! This is my absolute favorite. I hadn't had it for like... 10 years before finding it at Walmart last year, and it STILL HITS! Who doesn't love a Shirley Temple! COME ON!

Amigos Xl GIF by Pepsi Guatemala

2. Coca-Cola!

Coke! It's the original. I LOVE IT! Watching a movie? Bucket of popcorn and a coke? Nothing better!

Video gif. An elderly woman places mentos into a large bottle of coke. She panics as the soda spews all over her.

3. Root Beer!

Root Beer is Root Beer! I don't care if it's Barq's, A&W, Mug, or some knock-off version! It's ALWAYS GOOD! Especially if you're at a Halloween party and it's in a cauldron with the smoke coming out from the dry ice! I miss those days!

bobby moynihan television GIF by Saturday Night Live

4. Sprite!

Another trustworthy one! Especially if you get it at McDonald's. That bad boy is gunna be SPICY though! And if you don't know what a Spicy Sprite is... It's when it's so strong it hits you in the back of the cheeks and burns for a minute! SO GOOD!

pop ice GIF by tarninabarn

5. Grape Soda!

I LOVE IT! Fanta, Crush. Whatever. I love it! Grape Soda DEFINITELY wins over Orange Soda. Also... Fun Fact: Crush is Utah's #1 most favorite soda, according to WorldPopulationReview.Com!

Season 2 Nbc GIF by The Office

Honorable Mention:


It feels weird not having Pepsi on this list when it's pretty much the same thing as Coke! I like Pepsi, but ALWAYS choose Coke first... No clue why!

 pepsi cola pepsi commercial cola commercials GIF

Gif Credit: Giphy.com

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