People have tried to cancel the Christmas Favorite: "Baby, It's Cold Outside", but I have ANOTHER Christmas song that needs to be cancelled: The Twelve Days Of Christmas.


The song opens up about a man getting his gal some Christmas Gifts and he's trying to make it special for her... and MAN, OH MAN DID IT BACKFIRE!this is bad santa claus office GIF by The Elves!

Here is a list of the gifts he got for her:

1. 1 Partridge in a pear tree.

2. 2 Turtle Doves.

3. 3 French Hens

4. 4 Calling Birds

5. 5 Golden Rings

6. 6 Geese Laying Eggs.

7. 7 Swans that are actually swimming.

8. 8 Maids that are milking REAL COWS.

9. 9 Dancing girls.

10. 10 guys that are jumping all over the room. These guys are actual "Lords" too.

11. 11 Pipers that are playing the pipe. I imagine it's something like a flute, or a clarinet.

12. 12 dudes that are just WAILING on the drums! Ever been around ONE GUY playing the drums?? Try 12!

SHEER MADNESS! This guy may have actually hated his girlfriend and wanted her to PAY for something! Come Christmas morning, inside her home she will have the following: 50 people in her house, jumping, dancing, and playing their instruments, 8 cows, and 23 birds.episode 2 birds GIF by The X-Files

That is a Christmas morning that NOBODY would want, and someone needs to be held accountable for RUINING Christmas!

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