When it comes to a job, you have to find the one that works for you. One man ended a job interview after learning it would come in between him and one of his passions… Football!

Justin Ross shared the viral moment on TikTok of him leaving a job interview after he found out he would have to work weekends.

"Yeah, I’m sorry, you said it was a weekend job?" Ross, who goes by the artist name 9Letters says in the clip via TikTok.

"Yes," the interviewer shoots back. "Yeah, that works," Ross replied, before abruptly ending the chat.

Watch the clip here:

"Red zone comes first," he captioned the video, referring to the NFL RedZone.

Users commented on the clip, agreeing with Ross. "She really thought you were about to work on NFL Sunday? Tripping," one person wrote, while another commented: "Ya I always told my bosses I need Sundays off for church."

A third offered him a solution shall the situation arise again, saying: "Bro I work on Sundays I have to watch games on YouTube lmao."

In a chat with NBC News, Ross clarified why he feels it's appropriate for him to not want to work on Sundays.

"One thing that is really slept on with our generation is that we’re trolling on the internet [and] we make light out of dark situations, but we are in tune to a lot of things at the same time," he told the outlet. "And I think the older generations, it looks to them like we’re lazy or we’re not following through on things they followed through with, but there’s more factors that go into it."

Ross, who lives in California, feels as if many Gen Zers think its the norm to work several part-time jobs to make ends meet.

"If the job is not respecting you or giving you value in the way you see fit or meeting your scheduling standards or things like that," he continued. "It’s time to find a new opportunity because there’s more out there and it’s not even worth it."

Since ending the interview, Ross noted that he hasn't heard from the interviewer.

He added that he's always had a passion for football, and since he doesn't play anymore, he makes sure he tunes in every Sunday. "Football has always been a part of me," he concluded.

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