This past November, Jenn Olsen of Hurricane was Christmas shopping on buying clothes for her 18 year old "Car Enthusiast" daughter, Sky. HOONIGAN is a company that sells high performance gear for your car as well as apparel.

What Jenn DIDN'T KNOW was that HOONIGAN was doing a contest where you could win a prize by purchasing things on their website. That prize? A 2021 Corvette C8. Jenn bought $500 worth of apparel for her daughter which entered her into the drawing.


On January 18th, Jenn received a phone call from an unknown number. She didn't answer. But after listening to the voicemail she called back to see what was going on. "He's like, so you were entered into a drawing when you made that purchase." Says Olsen. "I didn't even know! I was thinking I won a gift card or something." She was then told that she won the 2021 C8 Corvette! "I totally thought he was scamming me. Ultimately it was legit!"

attachment-car 2

The car is worth $90,000, not bad for a $500 investment! Jenn and her husband will have to pay income tax on it next year when they file their taxes, however. Jenn and her family drove down to Compton, California last week and picked up their new Corvette! "It's amazing! I'm used to driving SUV'S and Trucks. Not sports cars."

I asked Jenn if her daughter Sky believes the car should be hers. "She's so jealous! She says we only won because of her! Which is true. Dad won't let her drive it either."


UNBELIEVABLE turn of events for this local family right here in Southern Utah! HOONIGAN is now doing the same contest, but this time the prize is a 2018 Audi S4 + $20,000 cash! $1.00 = 2x Entries to win the car. The contest is only 3 days long. 2/11/23 - 2/14/23.

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